Face-Adam Rose

Face-Alberto Del Rio-Current

Heel-Bad News Barrett-December 2015

Heel-Big E-December 2015

Heel-The Big Show-Current

Face-Bo Dallas

Heel-Bray Wyatt-July 2015

Heel-Brock Lesnar-November 2013

Face-Cesaro-May 2015

Face-Christian-November 2014

Face-Cody Rhodes-February 2015

Face-Curtis Axel

Face-Damien Sandow-October 2014

Face-Daniel Bryan-July 2015

Face-Darren Young-December 2015

Face-Dean Ambrose-December 2015


Face-Dolph Ziggler-October 2015

Heel-Erick Rowan

Heel-Fandango-August 2013


Face-Goldust-February 2015

Heel-Heath Slater

Face-Jack Swagger-June 2015

Face-Jey Uso-Current

Face-Jimmy Uso-Current

Heel-John Cena-Current


Face-Kane-January 2014

Heel-Kofi Kingston-October 2015

Heel-Konnor-January 2016

Heel-Luke Harper

Heel-Mark Henry-Current

Heel-The Miz-July 2014


Face-R-Truth-January 2014

Injured-Randy Orton-April 2015

Heel-Roman Reigns-October 2014

Heel-Rusev-January 2016

Face-Ryback-December 2015

Heel-Seth Rollins-March 2014

Heel-Sheamus-May 2015

Face-Sin Cara-March 2013

Face-Titus O'Neil-December 2015

Face-Tyson Kidd

Heel-Viktor-January 2016

Heel-Xavier Woods

Face-Zack Ryder-August 2014


The Brotherhood-Cody Rhodes and Goldust

The Usos-Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso

The Ascension-Viktor and Konnor

The Prime Time Players-Darren Young and Titus O'Neil

Neville and Adam Rose

The New Day-Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods

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